Other Useful Info


REACT 2019 policy :

Chatham House Rule

Lectures and discussions in Regional Euro-Atlantic Camp REACT 2019 will be held in accordance with the Chatham House Rule (Royal Institute of International Affairs). Participants can use the information and viewpoints that are discussed during the camp, but no one from speakers or participants may be quoted (nor their identity or affiliation may be revealed) without their clear permission. This Rule regards both non formal communication as well as everything that is said during sessions.


Useful information for participants at REACT 2019:

Please bring some kind of souvenir that will represent your country or your town (dress of sport club, map, flag, etc.)

Also, be prepared to promote your country through the cultural, music and entertaining way.

  • The food is all of national cuisine, of domestic origin, from naturally cultivated products in this region. If you have any special requirements about food, please, inform us on time.
  • Apart from sport, cultural and entertaining program, the organizer will supply movie projections, chess boards as well as other forms of amusement. We recommend using more of your spare time for walks through magnificent ambiance.
  • The participants will be lodged in multi-bed rooms. So please be prepared, to share living space with your colleagues from other countries.
  • The clothes should be informal, sportive and that can make you feel comfortable. Also,please bring clothes for hiking and sport activities that are obligatory. The weather forecast reports sunny days, nevertheless do not forget to take some warm cloths (as nights are here a bit chilly).
  • Accommodation with three meals in the camp is provided and covered by ALPHA Centre. All beverage costs (coffee, juice, alcohol ) are on your own part (coffee 1.00, all juices 2.00€, beer 1.30€ - 2.50€).
  • The currency in use in Montenegro is euro (€). Regarding the variety of currency euro in relation to currency in your country, we suggest checking it in your countries.