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Closing Ceremony REACT 2011
Debate Pro and contra NATO REACT 2009
From the presentation of Armed Forces of Montenegro
Lecture of Ambassador of USA in Montenegro REACT 2012
Opening of REACT 2010
Opening of REACT 2012
Over than 700 students from the world participated at REACT Camps
Participants of REACT 2010
Participants of REACT 2011
Simulation of the Work of North Atlantic Council REACT 2010

July 14th – July 19th 2014.

REACT 2014

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Stavna, Montenegro

 Video messages from REACT 2013

By the implementation of the Project titled Regional Euro Atlantic Camp 2014 - ”REACT 2014” ALPHA Centre intends to give its contribution to the education of citizens about the concept, advantages and importance of the accession of regional states to NATO.

REACT 2014 gathers the young participants who will support  the following objectives: promoting polices which encourage interests, motivations and desire of citizens to support the politics of regional safety  and cooperation by opening  expert and broad public debate in order to perceive  how these processes can be strengthen in the light of possible political and economic as well as potential security benefits of joining region to the NATO in the future. 

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro