By the implementation of the Project titled Regional Euro Atlantic Camp REACT ALPHA Centre, NGO, intends to give its contribution to the education of citizens about the concept, importance and advantages of regional cooperation, as well as about the importance of regional states membership of NATO. REACT 2016 is follow up of the REACT 2008 - REACT 2015 which were prized as one of the most important events in the region.

REACT 2008 gathered 45 participants from nine countries from the region in village Crkvicko Polje. Promo video  (Yearbook 2008

REACT 2009 gathered 80 participants from twelve countries in village Glava Zete. Promo video

REACT 2010 gathered 90 participants from fifteen countries in village Poscenje. Promo video

REACT 2011 gathered 100 participants from nineteen countries in Vucje village . Promo video

REACT 2012 gathered 111 participants from twenty two countries in Mojkovac . Promo video (Yearbook 2012)

REACT 2013 gathered 146 participants from twenty five countries in Plav. Promo video                 Short trailer 

REACT 2014 gathered 100 participants from twenty five countries in Stavna village. Promo video   Opening remarks   Closing remarks

REACT 2015 gathered 120 participants from thirty countries in Vucje village. Promo video Video messages REACT 2015