By the implementation of the Regional Euro Atlantic Camp REACT 2018, ALPHA Centre intends to give it's contribution to exchange of experiences between young people from WB countries through the education of the youth about the concept, advantages and importance of the regional cooperation. It will be an opportunity for brainstorming new ideas for the future of the region as well as contribute to the better understanding of human rights, political and defense issues initiate intraregional exchange and cooperation and help foster trust building between youth from different ethnic groups.

REACT 2018 will also research  different aspects and stages of accession of regional states to EU and  NATO. The main topics: Youth policy (increasing youth mobility, cooperation and activism)  defense policy (EU and NATO), international relations, rule of law and human rights.                
It gathers the young participants who will support  the following objectives: promoting polices which encourage interests, motivations and desire of citizens to support the politics of regional safety  and cooperation by opening  expert and broad public debate in order to perceive  how these processes can be strengthen in the light of possible political and economic as well as potential security benefits of joining region to the NATO and EU in the future.
REACT  believes that only this is possible path to sustainable and peaceful development of the region.

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro

Aug.26th – Sep. 01st Plav, Montenegro